Coronavirus: how to disinfect the mask

Once worn, the fabric masks can be disinfected is the way to ensure their safe reuse.

Here's how it's done?

Hydro-alcoholic solution (70% alcohol) in a sprayer.


To sanitize, wash your hands thoroughly, remove the mask using the elastic bands and wash your hands once again. At this point, wear disposable gloves or disinfect your hands, put the mask on a surface washed with water and soap or suitable disinfectant, spray the mask evenly with 70% alcohol on the whole surface, including rubber bands, without exceeding in wetting. Turn the mask over and repeat the operation. Leave to act until complete evaporation in a protected place, for at least 30 minutes.
Once the mask is sanitized, avoid contaminating it. If it still gives off a strong smell of alcohol, let it dry further on a clean and sanitized surface, otherwise put it in a plastic bag until new use.